Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Tag !

Oh well I been tagged by Tala
and I was so slow to check up on my blog due to the slow internet connection, festivities, then sleeping out the festivities.
So am very late to this party, but here it goes

Best Moments:

  • Taking my new job in April i was excited about that for a full 3 months.
  • Starting my first start-up :)
  • Re-discovering TV which gave me a new escape
  • Making some new friends
  • Seeing Liverpool Win
  • Being able to Enjoy my Favorite thing in the world for the first 6months and then being able to let go for the other 6 months (sorry this had to be cryptic)
  • Creating this blog
  • Seeing a design of mine in the newspaper
Worst Moments:

  • The numerous fall outs i had with people i cared about
  • Losing aim and direction in life
  • Green Bay sucking for another year :(
  • My startup going through some rough times
  • Leaving my job early on in the year (though this was good at first)
  • Not having the impetus to create something with a pencil and a paper
But all in all it was a good year since i managed to learn new things and experience new things so regardless whether i enjoyed or not it made me Grow

Happy New Year (forgive me its like 48 hours late)

ps. Too late to tag anyone hehehe



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