Sunday, August 13, 2006

My early cup o' Cohee

Yay so i noticed that daily in the morning with my Cup of coffee and cigy i do the samething, so i thought i'll share this very (ya right!) exciting part of my day its more of a fun thing.

Step one : cranky good morning ceremony to everyone and every one seems too hassled to even reply ! pisses me off but I get it out of the way first thing in the morning.

Step two : sit down and log to my comp, click on the firefox, outlook, winamp 3 , and the company IM ! (MSN is set on auto login so it doesn't count , I wonder why I don't put them on startup since its the same ??? well lets say i consider it a hand-eye cordination excercise ! "click, pop !" )

Step Three: check mail and spam in my outlook, hola at the person 10 feet away on me through the IM ! (don't ask why i do that instead of sayin it ), and complain how i didn't get enough sleep the night before, or if its sunday complain how the weekend sucked .

Step three: the firefox is up thanks to the lovely plug-in session-saver, firefox opens up with all the tabs i had up when i closed it ! so by default a few of my email accounts, and my morning dose of comics (Boondoks, calvin & hobes, paul oliphant and a few others) , and oddly enough news (reuters) through my Wizz RSS reader in the firefox.

Step four: sit down with a pen & paper to plan the day !

that leaves me at one hour down and 7 more to go, LOL

p.s. in case you didn't notice this article is a sorry excuse to inform people about a couple of nice firefox plug-ins, and two sites that are not just informative but fun.


  • Congrats on your new blog!
    i got to it by reading a comment by you on someones blog. i hope to read more from you soon. have a wonderful day!

    By Blogger Summer, At 2/11/06 11:49  

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