Thursday, August 03, 2006

YAY Jordan blogging

Well lets just say that am new to this thing in the sense i never thought that something like jordan planet an its community exists and its active in Jordan.

Before i provide my opnion of it i wish one thing, that it doesn't go extinct in the following months like much of the jordanian internet presence efforts before it.

So lets say that i never expected the Jordanian people to display a high level of intellectual presence in the bloggin community ! and that is due to my daily life and interactions where the highest intellectual conversation that i experienced was "how the weather is today?", "ohh the prices are rising again ?" , and "the stock market is Up/Down" or variants of this.

the amount of quality posts is astounding and i especially liked alot of them just for the voicing their opinions for a change rather than just regurgitating others.

My Favs so far have been the following:

Roba (AndFarAway) - just for the quarkiness of the posts
Hala (RamblingHal) - Hmm sometimes its good to be different.

360 East- probably the most well throught posts that I found around regarding Tech & media in Jordan !
bakkouz - nice variaty of every thing and its also worth it to check him out on deviant art.

ok thats not scratching the surface but thought to voice it out anyways since am pleasintly surprised.

one quarl I might have is the lack of variaty of topics, although what is happening currently could be the cause of it, but skimmin thro older posts of some I find the same topics being delved in over and over again on so many blogs.

Regardless of the good and bad, the reason am writing this is not to recommend jordanian blogs. jordan planet does not.
neither is it to tell those people that i enjoyed reading their posts, one more anonymous poster wouldn't really matter now would it.

But the reason is to express my utter surprise for the following:

the number of university student that are bloggin is amazing ! am glad that this is the case. It is so good to know that this group is starting to be vocal about something other than university elections.

the ability of people on the bloggs to behave better than they normally do in their physical life! Wow jordanians can accept different opinions and not thwart them! i thought that it was in the enviroment of the country to thwart a conflicting opinion and are inept to discuss a thing without over reacting. I just hope this rubs of people a little more so we can see more people able to carry on a civilised discussion.

Also one of the biggest surprise is the amount of female bloggers, and damn they do write alot. to my utter surprise that there is some qaulity to their work.
(dont get the sexist shotgun out on me yet wait a second)

my view of a jordanian Lady, is a shallow individual that competes with blondes for the crown of stupidity (am talking about the majority). Been so happy to be proven wrong altho i hope this stands the test of time.

And finally (damn this came out as a dissertation rather than a post, dammit!) a big big thanks for jordan planet ( yup 3ammali bamaseh jookh here, LOL ) for introducing me again to the good side of the jordanian community keep up the good work.


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