Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hiatus .... (well more like lack of motivation)

Oh well thnx to Summer for the comment it was a lucky shot that i checked it since i truly gave up !
XD thnx for fueling me a bit

(this is going to be a hard to read rant)
-- Mandokuse --
were should I start, I havent posted anything. few drafts (understatement its 1 draft that is like 7 pages long about education).

Excited about the mid-term election, i don't really know why ? the results will be out wednesday the 8th.

opinions regarding that :
Diebold ]:|
should i say more ? so in a nut shell rigged election GOP will maint control over house and senate, another round of luxury non working senate (curious if they will break their last record it was like 93 working days for the congress)
read this its really good view of the current house and senate

Habeas corpus is dead so say hello to "guilty and never given the chance to prove otherwise"

back to local things -- Amman is still booring as hell, work is funny. its absolutely amusing when everyone at work hates you except for managers ! mindfields by prodigy has been excellent listen in this case .
oh oh and i went to the first multiple personality place ever! its like 3 places with one entrance its the coffe shop/ resaurant / something called barnies/ 3alnar/ "something i forgot what it was - 3albal maybe"
-- they have a suphon coffee which is amusing to look at
regarless of the fact that the white macadamia coffee beans tasted like macau manure

Geeks (ONLY)
got Final Fanatasy XII which is excellent so far. the new battle system and leveling is quite nice, the story and the graphics are superb as usual. Best of all got me off my WOW addiction.

Movies & music
3 iron --
is the best silent movie ever made, and can someone please tell what this arabic song is called ? its like the 1st one i like since they burried Lincolen
Rodrigo Y Gabriela -
is my new feel good look stupid infront of employees music, the acoustic guitar play is phenomenal ! get their new album its out !

Sports !
Liverpool they are playing well in the Kop time to kick those gooners BEHINDS (PC here :P)
and start playing better at away games (too bad this is kinda late)

which brings me to My Green Bay Packers ! simply alll i can say is come on i love number 4 and all but for gods sake you already have enough numbers screw morino screw young you are already a hall of famer. now can u bring out the reserves !

such a dissapointment that the mo town F' ups will finish ahead of us this year too ! (ok i am being pessimistic )
on the other hand am enjoying Brees playin well, and at first was pesimistic about the move but now am happy for him (hey come on gotta cheer on a fella biolermaker ! aint that many of us in sports these days)

wows a RANT ! oh well C ya next time (in a month or so if am lucky )



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