Monday, March 10, 2008

The forgotten tag

Tala & Kinzi tagged me ages ago with the pre-18 tag, Although i think life starts after 18 and whatever you do before really doesn't matter all that much (hmm yeah that includes the crappy tawjihi or whatever else there is in you life as a rights of passage)
so here it goes ...
to list 6 things one should do before becoming 18 years old.
so am just going to say the highlights of pre-18.

1. Ignore the popularity contest that is school, you are who you are make that bloom: so much damage and false expectations in life stem from the fact that life in school mimics real life. If you don't develop the skill to connect with people beyond whats hot right now forget about ever being anything. Accept your differences, start thinking about who you are as a person, that is you, not which religion, family, country, color, and class. take a peak at the raw you.

2. if possible, sleep through it: oh sleeping in school is a must and i enjoyed that part thoroughly, if you feel you are not getting the education that you need from school that is the best protest you can do, while on the other hand you should not lax off and you should carry the burden of your education.

3. Go to a test without even opening a book: There are many types of intelligence in the world, don't make them brainwash you into thinking that you are irrelevant if you suck in any class. try to exercise your own system. by going to a test without studying you are measuring your recollection ability, your independent thought, your retention abilities if you paid attention in class, and you are also testing your stress tolerance and handling. screw a couple of grades points if you manage to get a positive experience in those areas which are far more important later on. you will never always have the whole answers in real life so might as well start now.

4. you are grade what ? i don't care: If you think that you shouldn't know something because its for a higher grade then i suggest that you lock yourself up for life and forfeit the dream of ever becoming more than what you are. You are only limited by the system, so screw the system. If you find that you have interest in something that goes beyond what is offered by the system then go after it, even if its at the peril of other courses that you yourself hold no interest in. Even

5. WHY ? just keep on asking others that: it bears repeating, KEEP ON ASKING WHY. If the answer is "heik" or "its just the way it is", its worth asking "why" again. While getting an answer and learning from others is great, what is even more beneficial is discerning half-truths and uninformed answers from the rest. You will face a lot of bias when you ask for an answer about anything, anywhere. so the sooner you learn to distinguish which ones to keep and hold on and which ones to fight and decimate the better. Always do that with the knowledge that you might be wrong and you aren't always right. Also a warning for the wise, limit the parental "Why" to 5 a day otherwise you might be experiencing some financial hardships.

6. you know money ? You know the thing that you get for just breathing, eating and by now you should know how that sentence finishes: Learn the value of money, money is what makes life easier but its never gives meaning to it. Learn what its worth to not have, and if you can learn how people that have a lot of it act, and how people change which the fluctuation of the amount of money in their pockets. learn what it means to save, learn what it means to over spend. just mess with money, earn money, try to do everything that you can possibly can with money before you hit 18. For it is the only 18 years of your life that your financial mistakes won't come back to haunt you later on.

oh and btw, life starts after 18 so if you want to mess it up try to do it by then ... and like one really annoying presenter from my school days used to say "age is just a number it doesn't matter how old you are, what matters is how much you know in this life"


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  • Hey, thanks for remembering! These are great, my favorite is number 5. Why, why, why...I love that question! begins at 40, I may have forgotten to tell ya'll. :)

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 10/3/08 17:13  

  • el hamdulillah 3ala essalameh!!! i thought that tag died in the blogosphere!
    nice list!

    By Blogger Summer, At 10/3/08 20:35  

  • nice and true i enjoyed it, Thanks Bambam :D

    By Blogger Tala, At 11/3/08 01:15  

  • kinzi hehe so i still got some time ahead of me eh ? thnx for the tag

    summer hey thanks summer, yeah i managed to drag it out of the dust bin just in time

    tala thank you for the tag too , and glad that you liked it

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 11/3/08 10:17  

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