Monday, January 21, 2008

I can only post .... Gaza :`(

If I send donations, they are blocked
If raise my voice, it is unheard
If light a candle, it is blown away
If I write a letter to my representative, it comes back unread
If I voice my opinion about it on the internet, I am told they brought it upon themselves
If I argue that those rockets killed a measly 2 Israelis in the past 6 years, i am told that is still too high of a price
If I look over the blogs i see dozens upon dozens silent, for they prefer to speak about the saudi that got locked up rather than a nation held hostage.
What am I exactly supposed to do with that hole inside my mind ?
What is left for me to do but to write ?
Why the hell isn't anyone doing anything about this ?
How much more shall they suffer for us to do something ?
Anything ?
Anyone ?
No one
And they recline on their religions of peace
They sit there
If thats what it takes
Then i hope they hear their answer soon
For it seems to be already too late
But then again we are told that our faith isn't strong enough
Faith, religion, politics, economics, philosphy, psychology, pathology, criminology, and all the olegies that we study to make sense of this world aside
Look inside of you and tell me if you are still feeling anything ? for i know i don't
try pinching your humanity ? for i think i lost mine
I just can't really think of a single thing i can do about it but type incoherently .... AGAIN
Just a lone voice, a whimper, hell its not even that. more of a shy whisper that will go unheard
When it's all is said and done, and a million or so are gone.
Maybe, just maybe something will be done.
Or perhaps we have been reduced to wanting a life over a land
After all that has been done, that sounds like the fairest deal
The seal to our ordeal
The only thought is of a meal
A light
a blinker
but the electricity is gone ...............



  • Deep as usual..
    We became a herd of sheep, no we have been a herd of sheep since forever..

    You know what is Irony? A gazan friend of mine watching the NFC championship and getting soooo pissed that the Packers lost!

    Alla b3een..

    By Blogger Mohanned, At 21/1/08 17:53  

  • I wonder though if there was no divisions amongst the Palestinians (Hamas & Fateh); would this scenario be occurring?

    How are the people in West Bank reacting to this? No news of demonstrations or show of solidarity?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 21/1/08 19:35  

  • mohanned can't help but be pissed off about the packers loser ... but i totally forgot about that since it was a fleeting sense of misery.
    anonymous what does it matter? i could care less about hamas or fateh. what i care about are the people that are have been held in gestapos, and now denied even the basic means to survive ... so i would hate to waste time pondering on what if's, and if i might say anything about is that it was a democratic election that was honest and clear. them being tyrannical as to not accept the will of ppl is a totally different case.

    as for the demonstrations i haven't heard of any substantial ones there since i think any organizers of such things are either already shoved in jail or afraid of being shoved in jail (without even making an iota of a difference).

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 21/1/08 20:09  

  • I hear your voice, you may not think it is heard, but don't stop!

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 21/1/08 20:39  

  • Thank you for reminding us in your post that the democratic election was honest and clear. Thank you for simply stating it best that "them being tyrannical as to not accept the will of the ppl." It seems that they are being punished simply because of their vote?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 22/1/08 08:16  

  • Very well said bambam

    It becomes a matter of life rather than a land as you said! So sad!

    By Blogger The Observer, At 22/1/08 11:10  

  • So Sad!
    As long as the Arab governments are holding their silent to satisfy their masters and liking what is being done, nothing will ever ever improve for the innocent ones!

    By Blogger Summer, At 22/1/08 11:37  

  • it is very sad...everyone is turning a blind eye on is horribly sad...

    By Blogger Sam, At 22/1/08 16:11  

  • Kinzi but kinzi... though its heart warming to hear that but somehow its not longer enough to just be shouting in the vacuum :(

    anonymous Yes thats what fascism is faux democracy of the privileged

    observer Thanks, i think it is simply that

    summer yes i think so, 7azana 7ayroo7o fa3es bein 2il 2ijrain


    By Blogger No_Angel, At 22/1/08 17:26  

  • the united nations should make a move! somenone should! we should! these violations are universally agreed on to be against humanity. its been months and no one did anything.

    By Blogger Thunder, At 22/1/08 18:18  

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