Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bloggers Celebrity look-a-likes

That was supposed to wait till February since I extinguished by karma points for this month but oh well, its snowing and no one is writing about anything but that here so thought I'll just put it up ...

So Karma you can dish it out at me which ever way you like ^_^

Roba from
Lisa Loeb

Moey from
Baikinman aka qit 2al bakteeria
2al ragheef al 3ajeeb

Randy from

"my name is earl"

Nas from
Agatha Christie

Qwaider of

Tooter from the snorks

Ibrahim of
Jared Nomak
from Blade II

Lastly although I couldn't find a pick for him but there is a blogger that looks a lot like Oddjob from james bond can you guess who it is ? First time that I met him in person I couldn't get that image out of my head....




  • LMAO.

    My favorites are Naseem and Moey.

    OK now you are gonna sure get it. HAHAHAHAHA

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 31/1/08 02:00  

  • lol not bad, not bad. i always wanted to write a mystery novel.

    i too thought roba always looked like an arab lisa loeb.

    oddjob is def. Jad

    By Blogger Nas, At 31/1/08 02:47  

  • LOL
    OH MY GOD this is sooooooo funny

    Thank you for the laugh :)

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 31/1/08 05:13  

  • Bam, original!! How about YOU??

    I'm Meryl Streep and Laura Dern, didn't need to take the test or anything.

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 31/1/08 11:06  

  • Awesome! I'm calling Jodi Foster (we DO get to pick, right?). I mean, I'm assuming that nas picked himself as a blond chick with fair skin and heavy lipstick... Ha! Way to break up the monotony of snow posts!

    By Blogger MommaBean, At 31/1/08 12:33  

  • nas doesn't she ? and yeah oddjob would be jad ;)

    qwaider glad that you liked it and got you to laugh :D

    kinzi hmm ... i don't know about me do u have any suggestions ?
    and yup i can see laura dern def.

    momma bean lol, thank you and ya i was getting sick of seeing/hearing/reading about the snow ... after all its just some snow :P

    By Anonymous bambam, At 31/1/08 14:07  

  • Haha, that is pretty funny. I have no idea who Lisa Loeb is though!

    By Blogger Roba, At 31/1/08 15:59  

  • Awesome. I can't wait for the sequel to this post. :) More, more!

    By Blogger Dave, At 31/1/08 20:36  

  • Well since Momma Bean picked Jodie foster, I've got dibs on Shrek, because I'm so pretty and witty and errr never mind!

    By Blogger Hani Obaid, At 31/1/08 21:23  

  • MommaBean, yes, Jodie Foster. You are cuter tho, she has wierd eyes.

    Bam, how about a cross between a young Dustin Hoffman and thinner Vin Diesal?

    Third read, I finally get that def means definitely, and that oddjob looks like Jad. Ya Latiif.

    I call Dave as the actor that played beach guy who got the phone call on his cell from the kidnapped science teacher ("Cell"??

    OK 7aki...drumroll....??? Meen inti?

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 31/1/08 21:40  

  • Everyone tells me I look like Yonis Shalabi, I always feel flattered when I hear that

    By Blogger Hareega, At 31/1/08 21:40  

  • Hani, without the ears and green, Shrek is a cute pick. Or Hoss from Bonanza :).

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 31/1/08 21:44  

  • LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! this is great, i didn't laugh like this since ... HMMM, it's been a while :D BUT LOOOOOL!! ta7sheesh

    By Blogger Maioush, At 31/1/08 21:48  

  • Bam, so now the next installment should be Hani and Dave and others, hehehe. This is lots of fun. What a BRILLIANT idea ;)

    Hani: "since Momma Bean picked Jodie foster, I've got dibs on Shrek" You are sooooo funny!

    Kinzi: My friends tell me I am a mix of Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek but only when I am tanned, when I am white, I look like a ghost, LOL

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 31/1/08 22:02  

  • I'm still laughing at this! :)

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 1/2/08 02:42  

  • roba roba meet lisa loeb (as if am the only person in the world with access to google and utube :P)

    dave i'll start working on that

    hani OMG that got me cracking up ...

    kinzi why do i always get dustin hoffman, and u must have a good memory of face. atleast i got diesel thrown in for good measures

    hareega hmm am gonna stay silent so i wont embarrass my self ..... 7aki HELP!

    kinzi ur gooood ! am passing the mantle off to u

    maioush happy that i got u laughing ... seemed a bit stressed on the last post

    7aki hmm better start working on it , care to participate ms. penelope ;)

    qwaider :|

    By Anonymous bambam, At 1/2/08 03:04  

  • ooops reprise ... roba meet lisa loeb

    By Anonymous bambam, At 1/2/08 03:06  

  • looooool! wow! you put some thought into this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1/2/08 06:47  

  • Bam, too fun! I can't carry the mantle as I don't do pictures. AND, il a7aam, hadn't seen many films between 1985-2005. Still playing catch-up. And the reason I remember a young Dustin Hoffman

    (it's Vin's eyes and hair-style)

    7aki, Penelope Cruz and Salam Hayak? Wahoo ya shagfeh, hareeeeeeeeegah! (I mean that as a compliment, right?)

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 1/2/08 10:34  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 1/2/08 15:33  

  • HAHAHAHA Kinzi. It depends on who says it :D . From you it's a compliment. And trust me I aint a shagfeh, not even close.

    Bam: I'll pass on participating, I know I know I suck. And you should ask Hareega for a picture, hehehehe, I love Younis Shalabi.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 1/2/08 15:36  

  • Nas & Ibrahim are HOT.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3/2/08 02:50  

  • OMG! That is hilarious! hehehe espcially Qwaider's!

    By Blogger The Observer, At 3/2/08 13:41  

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