Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am still speechless and flabbergasted !

When I was reading 7aki's post I couldn't help but be reminded of a little incident which I still can't fully comprehend till this day.

A blink of an eye away. When I was a bit younger , think right around five years old, my parents enrolled me in the bus for my first grade. So like the good responsible first grader kiddo that I was I was expected to ride on the bus and go home and have lunch after school and maybe go out and play with the "other" kids... ok thats what i was supposed to do.

Honestly I was never much of a good sport and playing with other kids in the 7arah was a total bore, and one day I broke the rest of the stereotype in one of my rare instances of impulsiveness. I came home from school and I was anxious to see my mom for some reason, which slips my mind at this age. So as usual I come through our garden to knock on my door, expecting my mom to open up the door. Instead its my eldest sister who was visiting from uni back then. So we say Hi to each other and i drop my bag next to the door. Since I scoured the house to find my mater but to no avail I came back to the only other person in the house that I didn't have to use my sri linkan skills to converse with, my sister...

"Sis, fein mama, leish heyeh mish bil beit ? " I asked her. After looking up from the magazine she was busy reading with a look of how do I dare to disturb her meditative reading with my childish question (ok, ok, she's no ice queen. she's a very warm person but when i still can't overcome the age difference to this day. Back then anything she spoke to me sounded a bit authoritative) . She simply told me that mom went away to clean my grandma's house because she is coming in a few days.

Interesting i thought to my self, why would she not tell me ... weather is nice, check. do we know our destination, check. is there anyone worth informing at home on what am going to embark on, nope. Door open, door closed and on to the open roads. my grandmas house is about a 30 minute walk from my home. So I go on to walk which i thoroughly enjoyed. The first experience of total detachment from those "adults". For some reason all the way up on that hill that leads from gardens street to Rabieh people were looking at me weirdly as I recall, didn't make too much sense to me. For I was going to see my mom and there was nothing that would come between me that goal.

phew, so after walking down the hill, the gardens street, up the hill, then down the hill and up the yet another hill I manage to make it to grandma's house. Hey sis was telling the truth ! there's mom's car outside. So up the elevator we go...
openning the door to the elevator, super excited and accomplished in my euphoria ... "shoo bitsawe 7oon, keef jeit ? keef okhtak khalatak titla3 !" I was thinking to myself ,huh ?! why is mom at the elevator door screeming at me ? . "wala shee, 2irji3et min 2il madraseh 2o sa2lt reem 3anek 2alatli 2inek bi beit teta fa jeet hon".
Lets just say that there very few instances in my life were I've seen my mom that scared and angry with me. My mom was just getting done with the clean up and heading home to make it before I came back from school. So I guess if only the timing was a bit off I don't know how different that would have turned out.
Its a given that I was screamed at all the way back home, only to be welcomed by my frantic sister who was worried sick about me and over reacting. only for her to be blamed for her negligence for not paying attention while I sneaked out on my quest.
With all those emotions flying around there were two things on my mind back then. What the hell is so dramatic about me going to tetas house, dad always said that he used to walk 15 kilometers when he was a kid and he was proud of it.
The other thing being, what was it exactly that i wanted to see mom for ??

So moral of the story moms, provide them kids with cellphones so that they won't have to go walk to get in touch with you since we demand you to be in the expected places at all times. we are ritualistic beings and we require prior knowledge of changes in the routine. In case of emergency you need to be reachable on your cellphones.

On a more recent blunder that left me totally flabbergasted, someone told me that I am actually taking different identities and blogging under them. namely chikapappi and moments of clarity. No offense to those blog owners but my reaction was


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  • Man, I got lost so often, and in so many countries, it was crazy, but almost always my fault.

    As an added bonus, if you give your kid a cell phone, it'll make it easier for you to reach the kidnappers to ask how much ransom they want!

    By Blogger Hani Obaid, At 27/1/08 20:48  

  • Oowww, scary story. Scarred for life. :D

    Once a friend was supposed to pick-up little Kinz from school. She was late, the teacher put her on the bus and it dropped her off ALONE at our house (she was 4!)

    My friend was frantic, calling the bus driver. He went back to the house, picked her up, then lied to my friend and said he never let her off the bus. We knew it was a lie as she had opened a window and put her stuff in the house, and held the dog's ears until the bus came back.

    So this means, if your mom never yelled at you, you WERE an angel...or your mom was :)

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 27/1/08 20:54  

  • I missed that last bit!! Mish Ma3uul!! Chika?

    There is just some very weird gossip that goes on bayn bloggers. Now I understand why so many won't come
    to gatherings. Someone told me what others were saying about me, and I actually cannot conceive of such LOW LIFE behavior.

    You pegged me best of all awhile back. :)

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 27/1/08 21:01  

  • Hey chickapapi, why don't you keep your posts short like on your -other- blog :)

    Just kidding

    I remember similar incidents when I was young. And then I remember getting almost lost ...

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 27/1/08 22:26  

  • Kinzi: Those bloggers wag their tongues quite a bit. How some people manage to ruin everything for you eh? ya3ni blogging is fun then you get the zift people ruining it.

    I hate people.

    Bambam: I remember when I was 5 years old or abouts (Kinder Garden) I would leave the house around noon to play in the 7ara and come back before sunset, we used to go to picnics like 10 meteres away from home, hehehehe.

    OMG you remind me of another story, dude I should pay you every time you give me a post idea, hehehe.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 28/1/08 07:30  

  • Amazing how you knew how to get there all by yourself!! i know exactly how your mom felt and WHY she screamed at you all the way home...and beyond! scary story with a happy ending though. :)

    By Blogger Summer, At 28/1/08 10:36  

  • I can imagine how scared your sister got when she realized you were lost! You deserved the punishment :P

    Parents should keep a good eyes on their kids. It is a tough job.

    By Blogger The Observer, At 28/1/08 10:57  

  • hani thats the thing, i didn't get lost ... those stories occurred at a younger age ;o
    ditto for the kidnapper they don't need to figure out ur contact info either :P

    kinzi 1wowz that is one irresponsible bus driver, the least he could've done was to make sure that someone was home ! and of course i was an angel and still am ... not :P

    kinzi 2yes chika :| yeah some weird things, atleast that was told to my face. Was it really that bad kinzi ? and am glad that you consider that i pegged u right :D

    qwaider Never, atleast i compromised on putting only 2 things here :P

    7aki hey whenever you want to start the "I hate people union" count me in.
    hehe somehow i think i can imagine 7ara playing 7aki, and as for the idea it does go both ways and my payment is reading ur post. thats more than enough for me.

    summer thats the thing, i never considered it as scary and i still don't. though its a good thing that it had a happy ending ;)

    observer hehe well the idea is that neither my sis or my mom were at fault, i was. and as for punishment i think my sister got it a lot worse than me as i recall :P

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 28/1/08 11:13  

  • How cute !! bas ma t3eedah ..mnee7 ma 7ada khatafak ..

    I can see your moms reaction..I have run away once after a trip to the dentist with my parents..Oh my god,life was hell after that..I wrote about it in october..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 29/1/08 19:49  

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