Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random musings

Well just so you know that I haven't given up on this blogging thing yet, it's just that am developing a nasty habit for drafting my posts rather than posting them because they are becoming a bit more edgy and personal ...
On the other hand there are just way too many things I want to talk about and whenever i get to put my fingers on the keyboard I get brain chills.

Part 1 :
One of the main things I have been trying to do is to format my posts to be shorter (yeah seems I'll be doing a dandy job of avoiding that here) . somehow I have always been attracted to reading really long articles rather than short ones, but after rereading some of my posts I find it way too easy for me to loose people along the way and make me scatter shoot rather than bulls eye the ideas I have in my head. Since it will make it more difficult for me (especially with my limited writing abilities) I will try to limit my posts and break em up into smaller chunks and more digestion friendly bites. The thing that would scare me from doing that is its affinity to attract layman clappers which drive me mental.

Part 2:
I've been becoming more of a mean spirited troll of a commentator on other blogs, and that would be bad if I actually gave an ape *dump* of a value to what other ether based entities thought about me, but the thing is that people when they are actually challenged seem to just draw up their firewalls and block all processes of thought to be able to counter attack with the most philistine sarcasm you can ever stumble upon (yes am speaking from an elitist point of view here sure me!) . For instances I commented a bit harshly on a post about that poor soul that lost his life in that hit and run case, what Irked me to no end is the direction it took. it went on to high light that there is discrimination among east and west Amman denizens like it was an article of shock news while to me it sounded like pointing out that zebras are striped. spice in a bit of congeniality religiousness and drawing no conclusion on the matter and my tolling meter just hit max. There are two things that I didn't like about the incident, the first is the coverage it got. Dying for me is a fact of life it happens, and the longer it stay in the memory the harder it gets. So all that posterizing of the incident and first page news nature of it, which might come off as a case of national security to a passerby reader, makes it ever so harder for the family and my heart aches for them in that manner that they will be constantly reminded of it all year long. It's not the matter of catching the perpetrator since it is not one person but a whole system which drives people into behaving in that manner. The funny thing that not even a couple of weeks go the parliament revoked a new traffic enforcement law which made them look the fools, but the problem we are having is the lack of enforcement rather than the lack of proper laws. plus that law that was revoked contained so auspicious fines, the highest penalty is that of a DUI , when we lack the equipment to verify the charge, while a hit and run is half of that and akin to crossing a red light. It just sounds off to me, and also am never fine with having a law that allows law enforcement agents to fine somebody without notice since am not really trusting that its the just way of doing things so I hope that they modify the law before passing it again. The core problem we face is a lack of ethics when it comes to driving and over cramming of cars in our ill equipt streets, so maybe increasing the fines on non ethical driving and increasing the driving age to curtail new perpetrators might help a bit but at the end of the day i don't see anything can be done regarding that matter and I just accept it as a fact of life personally.

Part 3:
Although it took a page or so to get to the other point, the other interesting thing about it is how gossip ridden our society is, of that story in particular within the span of one conversation of a 16 year old kid getting hit on the way to ZwZ ( at 4 am or so which makes me blame bad parenting for that one honestly since i don't care how liberal you are that is just not the time of night to have an unattended minor out in the streets) to a 16 yr kid sleeping over his friends house getting hit with the side mirror flipping in the air hitting the pavement and going into a coma by a women in a silver mutsubishi whose husband lives in saudi arabia driving a saudi plated car while she was drunk. with no one except the person who opened the topic having any credible information regarding it, its just nuts. it was like witnessing a really twisted version of add a word to create a story game.

Part 4:
US politics and economics are really occupying my reading lately, and its looking more dismal by the day. For the politics the whole thing stinks, we have wishy washy patronizing candidates on both sides that really are more of the same. while the ones that truly offer change rather than taking it as their election slogan are being side lined and stand little to no chance of making it. The fact that poll rigging rumors have been circulating as early as the first primary makes the stinking corpse under the mat stink with an ever stronger stench (yes its been there since FL '00 and ohio '04) . whenever exit polls and results are starkly contrasting there is a valid reason for a recount, and no one raising as much of a fuss about it of the candidates makes me wonder why the hell not. with the only sane person in the demo nomination (Dennis Kucinich) asking for a recount being called an extra terrestrial loony, and here I thought his hot wife might earn him some good point with the superficial MSM that went loco on the ice queen's melt down of alligator tears.
There is nothing more shocking to me than the utter irony of the candidates understanding of the state of economics in the US and the statements they make regarding what they will do when they are given the mantle to the empire, which in all honesty will only help to compound the problems that its currently facing.
Either way just so that I won't forget am formulating my events calender of what am looking forward to in terms of news in that arena, since this year will promise to be the beginning of something big, whether bad or abysmal am not totally sure yet.

Part 5:
"marketing is the art of making you feel so worthless about your self and what you own and that buying that product will usher in the days of "happily ever after".
I am becoming so utterly nauseated by that cover up informational signs and directions to make space for more advertisement campaign. It is totally beyond me how expats are able to find their way around Amman never mind the rest of Jordan, even as a person that grew up here I still get lost sometimes and seek those signs aid. now am growing even more frustrated when am lost and am faced with an advertisement instead of a direction signs.
Then you get another apple bloody product that promises to revolutionize the way we view laptops by making the lightest laptop so far, the fact that the bestest trend is so cliche and played out that I really don't understand what makes it any different when apple does it, is it the religious lite cult following that they made for themselves. OK i'll admit that the ipod was sweet, their design are nice, but for gods sake apple is still a fringe market and producer in the computer industry and its for fancy shmancy folks when something like the Zonbu 99$ PC or the ASUSE Eee laptop ($199)
Flys under the radar of most, which to me its a lot more relevant to a region with such a low penetration such as ours due to the cost (and don't get me started on the financing initiative to provide computers for Jordanians that cost more than their original marketing price as if they are doing us a favor)

either way this one would have went on a bit longer if it wasn't for the fact that my work day is over, so i guess i was forced to cut it "short" eh ?



  • You tried! but it did not work out..still too long, too many things to talk about but all interesting points!!
    it is your blog, you can blog about whatever in any length you want, so do not worry about us , readers, to get bored or skip through! :)
    why not blog about your personal stuff?? politics and economics are going to be the same always, i think your personal life would be more interesting!
    always good to read from you.

    By Blogger Summer, At 16/1/08 19:03  

  • part 1: honestly Bambam don't over think blogging or it will become boring to you. I for one do not mind your long posts so just go with the flow.

    part 2: I wish I could troll sometimes but I hold it back because I am a coward, LOL. Good for you for telling it as it is.
    But sometimes holding back is OK too :) .

    part 3: people are evil and I hate them. So don't expect people to do the right thing by minding their own business and being fair, PEOPLE ARE EVIL.

    part 4: The outcome "whether bad or abysmal" summed it all up.

    part 5: People see, hear, read on average up too 3000 ads a day. that IS JUST CRAZY. It rots the soul. Even on the train here they installed ..... well maybe I should blog about it.

    As usual you make me think :).

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 16/1/08 19:04  

  • Oh my god this is such a long article and about so many different things ... it's hard to even comment on it.

    shorter, single ideas are better. I'm telling you out of experience here.

    You have been a troll lately, but it's alright, we all need to be challenged at times. Some guys even told me you're the new qwaider .. :)

    Hit-and-run, I already stated my mind on that.

    Bad parenting aspect, totally valid

    US Politics stinks and will need 25 other posts to state my mind

    Apple: Yeah, we're applying the mercedes mentality to laptops now. The good old days of needing it for work, not show off are gone

    By Anonymous Qwaider قويدر, At 16/1/08 20:03  

  • Hey Bam. Yes, you have long posts, but for me they are worth following. I have overly long ones too. I would say, matalan, divide this one into three posts.

    I was sad about your comment at Nas'. Contempt automatically puts up people's defenses. You had a great point, but it got lost in the contempt of the delivery.

    You have great ideas, but people will automatically shut off when they smell that kind of attitude.

    I can hold my nose and look for the gems in your words. :D

    Here's a challenge...why do use contempt so frequently? What does it accomplish for you?

    I agree with 7aki...people are evil.

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 17/1/08 10:53  

  • summer Thanks for the encouragement, as for my personal stuff i'll try to share what i can but for some reasons I really can't through away my anonymous facade, and what i actually draft that is personal its usually too morbid so i shy away from posting it.

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 17/1/08 11:12  

  • 7aki hehe 7aki always a pleasure to hear ur take on things, its not that i over think it, its just that am trying to improve my writing and am trying to find a away to overcome the fact that my post turn into a spaghetti mish mash of way too many thoughts trying to make it out, so i end up with tangled arguments.
    either way and experiment a bit, but i doubt i'll ever get it shorter :P hell i can't even comment with a short reply

    part 2: yuppers moi need to be less rampaging troll and become one of em lucky charm leprechauns that just get on ppl's nerves

    part 3:As for people being evil, while i would love to jump on it i prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they don't know any better.

    part 5: oh god, you should seriously talk about that. It's just soul numbing and glorifies the "evil" attributes in people

    always an honor to be told that i got someone's gears churning away . khajaltini ^_^

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 17/1/08 11:24  

  • qwaider lol at the new qwaider :P and yeah you have told me before to cut em up into smaller chunks and i'll try to do that the best i can the only hindrance as that i post whats on my mind that instant and its usually half a dozen things at once @_@
    yes US politics and economics will take quite a few posts to state any ones take on them, and while i tried to hold back in the past regarding them now i can't help but actually be more active on the topic since it's something that touches us a lot more than our local elections did ...
    and yeah am developing a new anti

    apple stance just because they are border line tapping into the glutenous consumerism in their fans . rather than trying to do things differently like they always have.

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 17/1/08 11:32  

  • kinzi oh kinzi ... i hope its not that bad all the time :P
    actually thats quite a challenge you're putting me through there, let me try; for me I cherish pushing the envelope, and i see blogs as a valid podium for people to push the mentality of the reader and make them illuminate some new angles on topics and ideas. It's a privilege not a right, and when people start acting that they are pushing the envelope by gift wrapping archaic ideas it does get my blood boiling, that translates to impulsive contempt and usually looks a bit too bigoted and opaques whatever point i am making. this is slightly intentional since usually i only do that when the other party does really participate in discussing their point of view or clearing out some of the haziness of their ideas which even increases the dosage of frustration in me.
    when i know a person is actually interested in discussion i never show that degree of contempt and i try to argue rationally.

    as for what it accomplishes for me, if am not going to hold a discussion i need to atleast comment with an impact. regretfully rational talk doesn't get noticed or heard. so angry banter is the only way to get a point across to people who shrug off any polite ideas that are counter to what they think.

    either way i feel a bit narcissistic and silly when i rationalize it to myself in that manner but its the best way i can string up letters to describe what goes in my head when i am trolling

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 17/1/08 11:51  

  • I disagree with the rest, these are too long posts! Yest I checked your blog, and was happy to see a new post, but then I couldnt ready it all and comment because i had to run, and today, I am trying since the morning to have sometime in order to read it, finally I managed to :), so it would be a good idea to make your posts slightly shorter :P

    you could have divided this into 5 different posts, sa7? :)

    By Blogger The Observer, At 17/1/08 17:26  

  • "In most tales and stories leprechauns are depicted as generally harmless creatures who enjoy solitude and live in remote locations, although opinion is divided as to if they ever enjoy the company of other spirits. Although rarely seen in social situations, leprechauns are supposedly very well spoken and, if ever spoken to, could make good conversation.

    By nature, leprechauns are said to be ill-natured and mischievous, with a mind for cunning. Many tales present the leprechaun as outwitting a human, as in the following examples"

    HEHEHE, add it to your resume. I have to say leprechauns are more interesting. LOL


    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 17/1/08 22:31  

  • Part 1: talking about bambam posts! i love your writing style, it took me time to get used to it, i see it like you are talking rather than im reading an article which makes it fun,, but if i got a yellow marker and marked out the phrases that you dont talk about the idea you are writing, it would equate to what simply you want to say, this is why you loose us (talking abt my case, but now i know how to remain on topic) but those add ups is what makes it really interesting to read. you do the scattery mode of shooting hehe, this is when you plug 5 6 chunky ideas in one post like this one, again you went for making parts, which is fine too, but it will take us ages to comment, so yup these ones need to get chopped or else discussion of ideas wont have depth. but for me, im for the long ones

    Part 2: there is a difference between finding solutions and implementing them, in general there isn't any good follow up systems in Jordan in all sectors, everything is personal, not profressional (look who is talking) and its not 100 % the government fault, it takes the teenager to value the freedom and responsibilty to drive, good road officers, good ROADS and ethics. plus dont you think some people go beyond speed limits to vent frustration? it all break downs to destructive habits we adopt. and feelings of being incapable.
    and about commenting issues, i think part of respecting readers is replying back to their comments to keep things clear, rather than being selective, its up to you to do wht you see is right. for what you said, i know you never have disrespectful intentions towards any bloggers.

    Part 3: we should make Jordan Inside Edition/Insider and im pretty sure it will have 3 reasons ready to do from now.

    Part 4: dont and wont get it, not anytime soon.

    Part 5: my friend says, i would probably lose my way even if i had an automatic navigation system installed (-_-)

    By Blogger Thunder, At 18/1/08 01:41  

  • observer 7ader ya sidi will split them up next time ;)

    7aki and thy shall be dubbed bam the jolly leprechaun from now on ;)

    thunder thanks for the comment :D
    i dont know about going beyond the speed limit to vent frustration, though the fact that its fun is what i would be more inclined to suggest ;)

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 20/1/08 11:46  

  • Mo,
    I'm American. Attention span of a fly. You do lose me. I want to get it all, and understand. But drift off along the way.
    Blog on brother!
    --john in new mexico

    By Blogger John W. Krehbiel, At 30/1/08 22:24  

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