Sunday, December 30, 2007

Disturbia p.2

I think the idea is evident by now, so first up this time...

What a lovely lunch party !
in the European launch party for God of war II you could enjoy one of many activities by the denizens of nether years. some of the activities...
[you can] reach inside the goat’s still-warm carcass to eat offal from its stomach.

At the event, guests competed to see who could eat the most offal – procured elsewhere and intended to resemble the goat’s intestines – from its stomach.

They also threw knives at targets and pulled live snakes from a pit with their bare hands.

Topless girls added to the louche atmosphere by dipping grapes into guests’ mouths, while a male model portraying Kratos, the game’s warrior hero, handed out garlands"
Way to go sony, thats a truly ingenious "what the hell were they thinking moment ", that aside I want me one of 'em sheep skin overalls they look nice !

The latest alter boy coloring book !

Its not the thing that this is a coloring book distributed by the church to fight the pedophelia endemic they are suffering from but the fact that the pedophile gets to have his own smiley angel ! Serves them right for such a convoluted method of fighting it, targeting the victim instead of the perpetrator, I hope i get to see a pastor coloring that page in a church near you...

Golly Jesus what are you doing !
Here is a very intriguing painting by Lars Justinen of the Justinen Creative Group, now the funny thing is how many so called religious people can never really look beyond their egos and tend to stumble into the pit that they were warned about. Its disturbing because actually people are disturbed about it rather than just getting what it is trying to say (for that look at the link) .
Remember Judas ?

Who has the oil ?
And they ask why they are troubled in the middle east ... only if we weren't cursed.

I think someone discovered an earthly worm hole !
yeah click on it and see the license plate, evidently the guy came unscathed ... now what am really interested is whether he will participate in a Russian Rollete next!
What are we exactly waiting for ?
with how distressful the environmental problems when something comes along that promises an even cheaper alternative to coal(used to produce electricity still) and based on a technology that has been available for decades barely gets the backing while some are still living in the 70's thinking of starting their own nuclear facility... perfectly disturbing. check out the link for more info ...

Honorable mention: Bhutto's eyewitness account and pictures

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  • always amusing read!
    have a wonderful 2008!

    By Blogger Summer, At 30/12/07 19:28  

  • thnx summer :D
    i hope you and your family a wonderful new year too

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 31/12/07 12:04  

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