Thursday, December 06, 2007

Disturbia p.I

eh ... as usual I like to disturb my self from my comfort zone on weekly bases, so thats the summary of the things that disturbed me during this week...

Mr.Benedict XVI encyclical where he discussed atheism and equates it to hopelessness and stalinism, not only have you proven time and time again that you are a bigot and have no semblance of credibility of the comparative religion degree that you hold. I would have atleast thought you(and the whole catholic church under your hands for that matter) can come up with a better argument than a 13 year old catholic boy surfing the internet and set out an example of tolerance and love to all(rather than the conditional one you set) ... so much for spreading the message of Jesus. and whats that about forbidding the thought of "images" of god (Ex 20:4) while your churches are littered with portraits of him . I guess you're just horny :P

seriously ? a bear called mohammed ? REALLY NOW, is that uproar called for ... yeah, true islam is real peaceful, i just wish someone would tell me whats true these days

if this was satire it would have made me reluctantly put up a smile, sadly it was meant literally. It definitely brings back memories of religion classes in school when were told that sickness on earth will deduct from our bill that we will have to foot in hell, how nice eh ? no wonder I preferred biology class when it gave a reason and said it just happens.

Why ? ! seriously it isn't even aesthetically pleasing which is the whole point of it, na ? well I guess I like that I still have decrees curbing me from getting one even though I like em.

Really who the hell in their right mind would buy this stuff ! I guess only the ones that want their children to be "from the womb to the war". Never mind placing it on their Christmas tree, and beside the point that a fetus embracing a machine gun is an image that disturbing doesn't even begin to describe.

Grrr... ENJOY!
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  • Dude, the pictures are not showing

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 6/12/07 21:49  

  • hey sorry 7aki not sure why they disappeared but i fixed em enjoy

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 7/12/07 16:30  

  • Thanks for fixing the pictures :) .

    The bear one is sooooo funny.

    And don't get a tattoo, they are very unattractive, all I can think off is when you grow old and wrinkly how ugly the tattoo would look. EWWWWWWWW.

    And in Canada only white trash and weirdo's wear them. I SWEAR. Get a henna tattoo, you can change it up all the time and it’s not forever.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 14/12/07 05:23  

  • u son of a bitch !!!!

    By Anonymous mimi, At 14/12/07 17:30  

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