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Abrupt fall season finale review

Given that the Fall season has been cut short by the writers guild strike this warranted a preemptive season finales to most of the shows, so here is a review of things so far that will be edited in case they change their mind.

Just for the record I fully back the writers guild strike and it is their right to do what they did and they better answer to their very reasonable demands and allow us to enjoy our shows. if you are interested in reading more about that read here

Heroes Season 2:
Verdict:watchable (orgasmic on the last 4)
Actually if anyone benefited from the strike it's this show, after a train wreck of a premiere and plots stretching too thin with the introduction of not 1 not 2 but 8 main characters, in 6 separate plot lines. The people were losing interest and losing it quickly. then comes the strike and they decide to clean up the mess that they started and try to recapture the glory of the first season.
And Boy did they do just that, the final 4 episode were heart racing adrenaline on TV, we all knew someone had to die because they can't maintain that many characters for the story to be meaningful (highlight for spoilers) but why did they kill Nikki, what do they have against Mika. Even though I didn't see Nathan's death coming and i thought that Partman should have captured the assassin atleast ... oh well things are finally shapping up for the individuals to group up and stand against the corporation. on the other hand did Adam serve only as a detour to the plot to get us watching syler whacking some heads off again ?(spoilers end) we'll have to wait and see whats going to be happening in Volume 3.

The Secret Diary of a call girl:
Verdict:must watch
that was one of my favorite shows and a pleasant surprise, hailing from the UK with the sexily matured Billie Piper in the lead as a sassy call girl and her escapades in the sex workers world. It is both hilarious , avantgarde and only something the brits are gonna make.

the IT Crowd season 2:
just as hilarious and qwarky as the first season, and it even warranted Maurice a cameo in nickelback's rockstar music video. Since am not that good at conveying comedy here i'll just leave it at that both "work outing" (Ep. 1) and "moss and the German" kept me cracking up for so long that i thought I'll need an inhaler

Dexter Season 2:
(on going but finale should hit us soon during the next week)
Can we say Amen for the heartless serial killer(though he is most certainly discovering one) and for the writers for pulling through a remarkably well written season that both developed all the characters, and even incorporating "the secret" and making fun of it. The introduction of Lila was amazing, she is one of the most intriguing and blazing characters to hit the screen in ages, she embodies the spirit of Eros in every meaning of the word. I hope he doesn't kill her

Prison Break season 3:
Verdict: touch it with a 10' pole
I honestly think it lost its sparkle and lost any interest I had in it after they did something very stupid with the plot and (spoiler)killed off Sarah, i kept on watching to find the twist and hoping for the twist but that evaporated eventually and i lost interest(end spoiler) so its most definitely going to be off my to watch list.

Weeds Season 3:
I already attested my love to Nancy Botwin, and having some evangelical religion thrown into a cali community proved to be interesting to say the least, and did I mention that Mary-Kate blew me away with her depiction of Tara, a pusher with a religious motif of spreading love !
so we get beatings, gangs, a foot fetish porno, lesbianism, mammograms, ghosts, flying poop, ingenious usage of crosses, more milf weed and much much more. now what show can touch on all that and remain funny and not get serious about it.

Reaper Season 1:
My light hearted fun, plus I like sock he's hella cool every work place needs a "sock" to make it a much better world. So parents sell his soul to the devil and now he's his lackey, and boy does the devil like to mess up things. So you capture the souls with vessels, my favorite was the pigeon now think how would that work ! supernatural comedy, kind like Buffy before it started to get too convoluted.

Honorable mention, supernatural (for being consistent and a good filler) & Claymore (which has been the best anime series i've seen in a long long long time)

ps. links to torrent files and search are on the title.

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  • *** If you have not watched the season finale of Heroes or the latest episode of Dexter don't read this, it is a sopiler****

    - OMG Heroes was the best ever ever ever ever.
    - I am glad Maya and her bro are dead, they bored me, what a stupid super power.
    - Did you see what happened to Adam? OMG crazy stuff, imagine that , OMG seriously.
    - Honestly, Jessica should have died a long time ago. Her super power is stupid and she served sero purpose really. I love her sun and his cousin.
    -Do you think Nathan is gonna stay dead? I want them to bring him back :(. But oh oh I remember from season one when hero goes to the future that Silar is gonna impersonate Nathan
    -This show I swear to God it is the best show of all time ... like ALL TIME and I have not missed one episode since it started

    Lets move on to Dexter.
    OMG OMG OMG it is the second best show ever. ..hehehe
    Did you see the last episode? I almost died when the black detective looked at him and said get away from me and he realized that he killed his father.
    All this time I was very distant about the killings and didn't feel a thing, I thought he was a hero. But after seeing the look on the detectives face when he heard the chopping and the sawing and saw the blood ooze and then looked at him and said get away from me it made me shudder and realize that Dexter is a murderer.

    I missed the entire first season but they had a marathon and I watched it all before the second season and I think the second season is soooooooooo much better.
    And I hate Lila so much, she's a crazy psycho.
    I lost interest in prison break right after the 2nd episode of the second season. See I am a good psychic I know a show that is awesome from a show that will suck like that.
    I watched the IT crowd episodes you linked to a while back, it's pretty funny
    I've yet to watch weeds, do you have a link where I can watch previous seasons on line?
    I seriously love your reviews.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 6/12/07 21:48  

  • OH MY GOD! I started feeling guilty for watching too much TV! THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!
    I don't feel guilty anymore!

    I saw Heroes last night (DVR) And I agree on most of what you said. But we'll have to see
    7aki .. Maya is not dead :) She was revived with Niki's shot.

    I agree with 7aki 100% This show is the best show of all times! And Not only for SciFi geeks!

    I don't watch the rest :). Instead I'm hooked on:
    Journeyman, Chuck, Life, Smallville, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Spongebob squarepants and Bionic woman

    By Blogger Qwaider قويدر, At 6/12/07 22:04  

  • Yabayay, I am out of touch, haven't heard of one of these. Much less seen them!

    Thanks for the indoctrination to all I have missed in the Best of American Programming.

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 7/12/07 02:51  

  • omg you are right Q, I totally forgot about Nikki's shot. So how do you think Mayas powers will be useful in the future? I hope she kills Silar one day

    Q do u watch Dexter? You should if u r not

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 7/12/07 03:19  

  • 7aki YES ! i was so glad when Maya was shot ... too bad that they had to resurrect her, shes just a damsel in distress with a stupid power(that might be the real cause of the virus ), and yeah that thing with adam kinda pissed me off (am a comic book geek and i hate how villains never really die !).
    mean 7aki, making mika an orphan just because u hate his mom whose a total nut job, and they seriously better not bring nathan back. funny that you would refer to a timeline that should have been averted so it shouldn't hold true but he did get the shapeshifting ability so it should be interesting

    haha i didn't wanna post the reply till i watched the latest episode and then it turns out u were talking about the one before it. yeah that was the first time that we get a human reaction to the murders it was really quite refreshing given how dexter tends to take it so ... procedurally.
    but yeah the latest one is even more nuts .

    here are links to series streams
    weeds stream season 1

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 7/12/07 17:47  

  • Qhahaha ur welcome i guess
    journeyman is kinda like jericho in the sense that i always wanted to check it out but never did.
    Chuck i couldn't stomach it, i watched the first 3 eps i think and then dropped it. i couldn't stand the story or the actor.
    never actually heard of life, so thanks will check it out.

    smallville, stargate atlantis, and spongebob they fall under not even under the threat of decapitation

    BSG is too awesome, can't wait for the last season to come, need to check out razor otherwise i'll have to wait till march '08

    bionic women, had high hopes for it but it fizzled too quickly couldn't even bother finishing the last one i've seen. just too much of an inspector gadget kinda series

    and i'll add my voice to 7aki's recommendation

    kinzi lol, prob i should slip you a couple with that jesus camp :P

    7aki seriously i just noticed that you didn't mention secret diaries i think you would really like that one, try it here is the link just click me

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 7/12/07 18:01  

  • You watched the last episode of Dexter? HOW????? It runs here on Sundays man and it was the one I talked about, OK I’m I imkharfineh or something or do you have a serctet supplier?

    Will check out secret Diaries

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 7/12/07 18:10  

  • I forgot to say, IF YOU DO HAVE ACCESS TO THE LAST Dexter then hook a sister up :D

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 7/12/07 18:14  

  • By Blogger No_Angel, At 7/12/07 18:23  

  • So I watched Dexter 11 and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG , I wish he will put Laila in jail with the black guy (what's his name?) I DESPISE HER

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 12/12/07 19:30  

  • I really don't underatand how Canada is 1 episode behind!!!! THey aired 11 on Sunday. I am so watching 12 tonight.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 12/12/07 19:32  

  • 7aki cause 10, 11, 12 were leaked ...
    and thats why they haven't aired yet.
    And yup u will like the way things end!

    By Anonymous bambam, At 12/12/07 21:16  

  • I watched 12 last night. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG , life is good again :D .

    Piracy just ROCKS hehehehe

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 13/12/07 23:44  

  • Happpppy Eid BamBam xD

    By Blogger Thunder, At 19/12/07 03:37  

  • hey bambam :) Happy eid and merry xmas .

    tawalet ilghaeibeh 3alena my friend

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 21/12/07 02:40  

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