Monday, December 03, 2007

Poem by Anon

Counterfeit emotion
Thats what I thought for the longest I guess
Whirlpool of motion
Something stirred in me causing a mess

A moth drawn to the fire
Fluttering ever closer that it burns
Enjoying the pain of immolation
Bound to meet Icarus's fate in the end

Mesmerized by the affliction
Out of body experience is what I felt
Watching myself asunder
Unfamiliar blood blushing my veins

The abyss of devotion
This sense of attachment is what i don't get
Senseless belonging
The reciprocation of which i won't get

Egregious acceptance
My bosom is wide open for you to rape
Embracing expressions
Having you near me is all I necessitate

Serendipitous acquaintance
The stars must have been aligned when we met
Perpetual nebulousness
I wish I can see me through your heart so I can rest

Beleaguered by your strings I falter
In this game of fate I forfeit
Words on the tip of my tongue dissever
Your loss is a throe I won't tempt

Counterfeit emotion
I only wish that was it
Whirlpool of motion
Words have new meanings that I wish to forget

- Anon

sorry for the lack of proper posts lately can't really help it but atleast I happened to rediscover poetry lately.



  • kteer 7ilweh,, its better than the one before,, it reminded me of a poem you posted zaman i guess by lauryn hill, though not related, but it has same strength

    By Blogger THUNDER, At 4/12/07 18:22  

  • thanks for the kind words... why didn't you like the one before i would like to hear that, and thats flattering but i can never smell the same air as she breathes

    By Anonymous bambam, At 5/12/07 19:46  

  • she is so great,, hmm about the poem,, i liked the one before, it speaks to you, buho the choice of words here is stronger and structure is better and reading it out loud is flowing smoothly

    By Blogger Thunder, At 8/12/07 22:11  

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