Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trying a new thing ...

I am not sure if you read anything here before or not, but i want to try a new thing....
I want to try an experiment here, people usually read what they like, So Is there any topic that you want to suggest for me to write about ?
Anything from the silly to the philosophical ?

Am mainly interested in what topics you would like to read. The idea came from the fact that each one of the bloggers seems to orbit around certain theme and they never diverge. I tried to do that as often as I could but I kinda got caught in the religion orbit and I want to get out of it.
May something about film and TV ? Technology ? philosophy ? off-beat news ? politics ? ecomony ? Flying pigs ? corck and screw stories perhaps?
(I wonder is this gonna work, well its an experiment anyways)

Orbits sighted so far.....
Quirky & Funny
Just quirky with spasms of the world revolves around me (not in a bad way though)
Journal worthy and this
philosophy and some mental ...... eh
Jordan bil galb,i.e. samat badan 2ordiniya
light hearted fun reading

Funny how different this list is from the first time I started reading Jordanian blogs
ps. dont ask about the pic just felt like it :P



  • my suggestion is more Analysis and take your time on those

    you do good in music, economy, technology and philosophy, though you dont write much there, its more religion oriented philosophy,,

    you know how to grab a subject research it and analyse it, then write some balanced overall view..
    whatever field , it should be fine.

    By Blogger Tala, At 13/6/07 14:24  

  • I like to read about contraversial subject. Those which have two sides where you get puzzled trying to work out your mind to figure out what is right and what is wrong :)

    By Blogger The Observer, At 13/6/07 15:55  

  • Honestly, I like your blog the way it is :D ... for real.

    Maybe more camel posts... HA HA HA HA HA HA… ok that was mean :S .. but HA HA HA

    But seriously, you write a bit about everything and I like how you analyze things like politics and stuff. But if I wanted to read about something, maybe your memories like the education stuff you wrote about a bajillion months back.. remember them?

    And that picture, sooo true.. lol.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 13/6/07 18:17  

  • hehe sure thing then controversy with a good dose of analysis that pertains to my own personal history... yikes

    i think i'll take the more camels options
    thank you talaobserver7aki

    ps. i hope that camel J(H)umper nickname isn't popularized....shhh

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 13/6/07 20:10  

  • hahahaha...about hte PS..hahahaha 7ashashet do7ok...LOL

    Well No angel, thanks for putting ideas in my head cos it did not cross my mind before...hahahaha.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 13/6/07 20:34  

  • Stick to what you do, but sometimes I think you are vague, I can't tell where you stand but thats a good thing;)
    Keep up man..

    By Blogger Mohanned, At 14/6/07 04:42  

  • or Mam..

    By Blogger Mohanned, At 14/6/07 04:42  

  • I like your blog as is! It didnt' seem to orbit around one thing or another, and I loved the charity bloggers aspect.

    (thanks for the link!)

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 14/6/07 08:46  

  • No matter what you do, you won't satisfy 'em all, so I'll have to second everyone's opinion here: stick to your own style and you'll be fine.

    Take it easy on the camels' posts though ;-)

    By Anonymous Who-sane, At 14/6/07 11:17  

  • 7aki "what the deuce!" xD
    mohanned Yeah thats intentional, I have my position, but I keep it to myself usually but a lay down my reasoning usually for why i reach such a decision.
    am i seriously vague to the extent that u think am a mam ? -_-'
    Kinzi you are more than welcome, and i'll go back to the charity thing pretty soon.
    who-sane no really its not to please anyone, kinda just to change the routine if anything and to think of new things that i don't normally tackle thats what i had in mind and thats why I asked, and the camel invasion is gonna come so better watch out MWAHAHAH

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 14/6/07 13:33  

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