Wednesday, June 06, 2007

To every short sighted person..... read this (if you can @_@)

To every glass wearing, contact hating, lazik fearing human on this earth ! Salvation is here. Now you can be able to have 20/20 vision for one whole day, no contacts, no glasses and no hair raising experiences of smelling your eyes burning !

All you have to do is wear a type of contact lenses at night while ur sleeping and you can wake up and be able to see clearly, amazing eh ?

The technology is called Ortho-K, Orthokeratology.
How it works is that ?

By wearing those contacts at night it helps to correct the curvature of your eyes and in the morning it can maintain the correct curvature of the eye for up to 2 days, how sweet is that ?

How did they figure this out ?

The procedure has its roots in a Chinese technique, in which sufferers would sleep with small bags of sand on their eyes. Because myopia is caused by the eyeball lengthening, the weight of the sandbags would temporarily flatten the eye.

Ortho-K was discovered 40 years ago, when opticians noticed that some patients could see better after they removed their contact lenses. At first, a series of lenses were needed, each one flattening the cornea to a small degree over a period of weeks. It is now possible for vision to be restored in two days.

What do you have to do ?

Well you would have to go to an Ortho-K specialist, he would have to take measurements of you eye and check the curvatures.
Then an order is placed to the manufacturer to create your designer lenses (makes it sound special doesn't it ?) and in a few days you will be able to enjoy perfect vision again

Well whats the catch ? it must cost an arm and a leg ?
well not really, according to the article;
It costs around £100 for the initial consultation and provision of the lenses, then £40 or so a month for ongoing care and replacement lenses every six months. This works out about the same as you would pay for standard forms of contact lenses.
well worth it to be able to swim underwater and to hit your head on every edge of the pool because you are technically blind ! (well thats the latest hassle i faced because of my sight).

When is it coming to an optician near you ?
Beats the hell out of me, but if we bug enough of them at the same time am sure they will bring it faster so start asking about it.

and have your mobiles on auto redial to do your share of optician bugging

for more info

source : The Independent
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  • No way!..Cool..wouldn't mind trying it.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 6/6/07 17:12  

  • nah, i'd still go with lazik..this is too much work..:)

    By Blogger Sam, At 6/6/07 20:19  

  • interesting, but it might work for some people and not for others...maybe?
    i would go for the Lazik...i agree with Sam, it is too much work!

    By Blogger Summer, At 7/6/07 04:23  

  • haha too much work is not my issue here am scared of someone screwing my eyesight forever ! so am scared of lazik.
    Am too lazy for lenses since they dry in my eyes at the worst possible time thats why i thought this is perfect. Am gonna try it as soon as i find someone who has them

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 7/6/07 16:19  

  • No Angel, i am no doctor, but my son and many other people did Lazik surgery and they were all very happy with the results...all you have to do is have nice thoughts while they are doing it for you and you will be free for the rest of your life! Trust me!!

    By Blogger Summer, At 10/6/07 20:10  

  • yeah i agree with summer too, imagine not having to wear the glasses nor the contacts ever ever again through 1/2 hr visit to the Dr or much less, swimming, wearing sun glasses without contacts..

    i will do lazik as soon as i finish my studies.

    By Blogger Tala, At 11/6/07 08:53  

  • Cool! I like the idea :)

    By Blogger The Observer, At 11/6/07 10:36  

  • yeah the idea is that i know alot of ppl who tried it and everything is fine with them but my gut feeling doesn't allow me to do it.

    so i was glad to know that their is another thing i can try with no consequences

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 13/6/07 19:55  

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