Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Creationism Vs. Evolution

Recently I read about the views on Turkish people regarding this matter, and that the majority of them believe in creationism. There is even a "scientific" institute to dis-prove the theory of evolution. In the report that they released earlier in the year they claimed alot of "interesting things".

So I wonder what do you think ? what are you views about this ?

I remember back when we were "taught" that in school the mention of it was like "god created us .... blah blah blah, but some silly people think that our grandparents are monkeys and what silly idea that is" a very unbiased way of teaching it relatively. Well atleast they mentioned it :D

On a different note my first post on arab expats which was my first attempt at satire proves that i suck at it but it was fun, it also proves that some people don't even properly read what i write and others are even annoyed by my mentione that they leave such helpful comments as ":S" which was a WTF moment "why bother really ? "
Anyways thank 7aki, who-sane for having me over there .

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  • Dude, you should have seen the republican debate..I think we still have hope after watching that debate..And BTW welcome abroad on the arab expats, I know its kinda late ;)

    By Blogger Mohanned, At 12/6/07 22:36  

  • good to have you on board bambam! :-)

    By Anonymous Who-sane, At 12/6/07 23:39  

  • Good to have you on board!

    And you don't suck at satire the post is very clever :)

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 13/6/07 01:07  

  • how come no one answered the Q ? :P
    hey mohanned the debates especially the republican ones are some of the most entertaining things on TV lately
    I think it would have served their base slightly better if they worded it as "whoever thinks that he is a descendant of a monkey and that he is part monkey raise his hand or feet ?"
    really u think we have hope?

    and thanks guys and gals for the warm welcome :D

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 13/6/07 10:10  

  • There are strong scientific evidences that support evolution. I think that yes I believe in it somehow, but I am open for alternatives even if it is creation. Maybe the truth lies in between, as a mix of both!

    By Blogger The Observer, At 13/6/07 15:58  

  • Bam-bam, you will probably never listen to me again now, but I am a creationist also. :D

    Can I still be in the charity bloggers club? And welcome you to expat bloggers? :)

    My husband, a research scientist, actually came to faith after seeing that aspects of evolution as presented are biochemically impossible. Evolution is a broad paint brush, do you mean Darwinism?

    Mutation? yes. Adaptation? yes. But he is the scientist, not me, I'll have to have him send you some info.

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 13/6/07 16:08  

  • there are no answers in here rather than stuff i ask you to think about..

    can you define creation or draw a scene of the intial state in both creation and evolution cases? i think you will get a match if you ask people individually this question and follow their threads rationally.

    when we talk about the creation of a human, which human? the cave man?? how do you compare the cave man to the man we know now?evolved?? the ancient man what was he like? how intelligent?how different from the animal? their physical build?

    what can survive grows in numbers and dominate. so the genes and their existance through generations, thus evolution is valid.

    so we conclude that the version we have here has evolved from a state... the initial state. where is that??
    when is that? here comes the definition of creation: bringing into existence, i.e the medium, the space; whatever basic element that 5 billion years was the cause of our existence today, had a drive. a massive drive. this is the creation i see. 5 billion years could not be under-estimated no matter how slow could things happen in them.

    By Blogger Tala, At 13/6/07 17:24  

  • observer yeah i do agree, i was trying at some point to find a mix of both that am convinced in and can defend without relying too much on the faith but i lost faith in that;)
    Kinzi NOOOOO. ok am not surpised.
    now seriously i love listening to your side of the story and i also like hearing different views otherwise what i think is true won't be challenged and i won't have to think about it like when i am being challenged so never ever think that i don't like listening to ya.
    just one note "impossible" is drastically different than "improbable" which is what i think he would use.
    tala thanks and i think i need a post about that now ;) just to try to find my answers to ur Q's. I will gladly do that in a bit

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 13/6/07 20:04  

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