Sunday, June 03, 2007


Well am back home, the past two weeks have been too full for me to be able to fit some online time in them. Plus it was for the first time in such a long time that I have been unplugged for this long.

It's Kinda idiotic saying this but I missed "the people", my Online buddies in which the main interaction I have with them is through the web. My heart was warmed up when they actually asked about me (more like it was a "phew, am not too abnormal in feeling that" kinda way)
and thanks for everyone who wrote/commented asking where the hell I was at :D (that means Tala, 7aki, and Summer).

Also thanks for John (if u ever pass by), I got all fuzzy when I heard my name on the radio :D

As for what the hell i was doing, I was in Bahrain for work. It was a hectic couple of weeks. I worked through the day and went out and hanged with my friends there at night, EVERY F'n NIGHT.

So Highlights (I know you don't give a rats ass about this but this lil bit is for me, kinda of an electronic memo):
  • Taking after work swims is sooo relaxing, and i hate swimming. better incorporate that into my schedule
  • It sucks when 20 people tell you "wow you have gotten so fat!" in one day, EVEN if your a guy who never cares about that. Good thing i can Yo-Yo my weight.
  • Whenever you take over from somebody else they will most certainly screw you over, and the first day will always be hell.
  • Its nice to see family, but never when they are hosting in a party of their 40 friends when the closest age gap between you and them is 15 years. Plus it ruins the night when its the most important game for the team you cheer for and they LOSE ! (a half hearted congrats to AC on winning the champions league)
  • Concerts are FUN, you will not care if they rip you off on the Alc, the bathrooms are flooded, people are pucking even before the party started, people in the gulf seemed to confuse hip hop with techno and started break dancing or any other side effect of a big party. Armin Van Buuren Rocked Manama, and It was a blast. Side note next time lets try to get a better ratio than 1 girl to 10 guys please it kinda sux.
  • Never excuse your self out of a party because you have to work on a Friday the next day, things will work themselves out
  • Be Nice and when invited to home poker game lose the first time you are there, at least to cover the cost of hosting you. It doesn't hurt to lose more at the beginning and then win it all back to help your pride ( Also its a good excuse to use whenever you lose, since guys can only lose on purpose after all)
  • Nokia phones suck, and fastlink roaming is a rip off. buy a new non-Nokia cellphone so that you will get your calls when you should and get a local sim wherever you go (keeping the sim in the wallet damages it so don't do that, someone better invent a holster for them soon)
  • Shopping in Bahrain is not recommended for normal sized people, its frustrating.
  • There is one day I wish to erase from my memory, and I had a pretty good job of erasing it so far.
  • Having to change your plans and look for an apartment 10 hours before your flight is not a good idea, and my company buys cheap worthless tickets that can't be changed easily. Never gonna try to do that again.
  • Alcohol stores in Bahrain are shady, they hide them with a screen, there are no signs. even when you are on the front door of them you can't recognize them. The only way to recognize them is on a Wednesday when you spot a Saudi changing his clothe on the street (no kidding) then you know you are in front of an alcohol store!
  • There is a worst airline than RJ its called gulf air
  • My Allergy to photos seems to be easing up, might consider allowing photos again ;) , the reason is no one recognizes me in my photos any more since they are more than 5 years old
  • Going to a seminar for the 3rd time in less that 6 months to hear the same presentation again (w/o the presentation since they were having tech problems) is worst than watching pain dry. On the other hand it allows some pretty creative drawings.
  • Not having an internet connection Sucks, you miss so much that you end up post binging like what am doing today

Ps. I changed the playlist, am wondering is it too annoying having the playlist on the blog ? should i remove it ? what do you think ?
maybe you have not even noticed it !

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  • Welcome Home!

    By Anonymous kinzi, At 3/6/07 18:01  

  • "There is one day I wish to erase from my memory, and I had a pretty good job of erasing it so far."
    details?? or you just want to forget about it?
    did you gain weight for real? :)
    are you moving there?
    welcome back to Jordan and to your blog.
    I have not noticed the playlist!!

    By Blogger Summer, At 3/6/07 22:15  

  • hey thanks kinzi, how did that email go ?

    Summer it was a certain someone that i met and i had to act nice and not flat out tell them that i don't like them and i hate doing that (plainly i was using them)
    as for the weight ya, i yoyo in the range of 10 lbs. I still don't know might still have to go back and forth for now.

    as for the playlist it is at the bottom of the blog (footer) and its kinda slow in streaming i think but will try to find a quicker(free) hosting.

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 3/6/07 22:28  

  • we missed you tooooo :D

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 3/6/07 23:32  

  • and by the way, I always enjoyed the play list

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 3/6/07 23:58  

  • Now i know why i did not see or hear your playlist!! i usually have my volume on mute when i am using my computer, because i am always in the family room, phone ringing, tv on and there are people sitting with me talking. so it is too much noise to have my volume on!! sorry i missed all of that! next time i am here i will make sure to have the volume on!

    By Blogger Summer, At 4/6/07 13:18  

  • hey glad you like it 7aki, thought it would be annoying. summer yeah that makes sense but its easier for me than adding a you tube link to the sings (also you can download them from here if u like them :D )

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 5/6/07 00:13  

  • Heeey ,, good to see you blogging again :) missed your posts and i kinda gave up after the first week! so next time SAY SOMETHING :P

    about the playlist, its great, but i have couple of comments, the streaming is not too bad because the second time you log, the streaming becomes normal, but the thing is that it automatically starts by itself, if you could put it somewhere up and let people turn it on and if you can get a faster streaming thing, it would be perfect :)

    the annoying thing is that when you want to read you would want to focus on what you read since poeple dont know the tune, you would want to listen later, thats why you would go down and pause and go back up then go dowwn..

    By Blogger Tala, At 5/6/07 01:35  

  • for the player, either you fix the sidebar width of the template or the width of the player otherwise it will all stay shifted downwards.

    a friend recommended, try to use the slim display, it might fit better, if it didn't work there is an option were you can control the whole box format.

    By Blogger Tala, At 5/6/07 14:24  

  • Hey thanks Tala, next time i'll remember to say something ;)

    thanks for the comments regarding the player i just opened it in IE and as usual it screws up.... i fixed it up for now but the button looks ugly. (hint hint, user firefox)
    now to go look for a better free hosting

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 5/6/07 15:56  

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