Sunday, June 03, 2007

10 simple pleasures TAG.... took me long enough

Well Tala(since when is it a private blog ? ?) tagged me a long time ago, but i got busy so here is the my contribution. Since this TAG should already be dead by now as usual am not gonna tag anybody ;)

10. My time wasters, by importance, songs, movies, cartoons(anime), series, art pieces(looking at them, and wishing to own the ones I like one day).

9. Am a good listener and a bad story teller, so i actually enjoy listening to other peoples' problems and helping them resolve or understand them from a different angle.

8. Writing in my blog

7. Getting pampered by my mother.

6. Arguing with my dad, not really arguing more of discussing but since we are so polarized (in stances not attitudes, his opinion means the world to me) we end up on the middle ground usually.

5. Drawing, coloring & designing, but that requires me to be in the right mood.

4. satisfying my... err... instincts. call it what you want to call it what you want "choking the chicken", "flogging the dolphin", "spanking the monkey" am a man. and if any male didn't include this in their top 5 something is wrong :P

3. Enjoying my vices; smoking, drinking, having something in my system in general.

2. Learning anything and everything, either through wiki hopping then digging deeper & deeper. Major topics of interest psychology (personality theories), economics(money market, and economical tools and research in unusual fields), politics, and philosophy.

1. Analyzing peoples personalities and making predictions about their behavior. especially uncovering masks that people wear and even better the reason why !

Well hope that wasn't too gloves off



  • true it took you long enough! I am glad to see blogging up there. I like # 7! You are too honest on #4 but realistic too.
    one more thing about your trip, how come you did not have access to the net? or were you just too busy to be online? strange!

    By Blogger Summer, At 3/6/07 22:25  

  • LOL! man wallah ennak nahfeh, especially your number 4 pleasure ....

    but why is "spanking the monkey" there and the real thing isn't?

    By Anonymous Who-sane, At 3/6/07 23:39  

  • summer yeah am glad to be back too. as for internet access I had internet access but i didn't have the time, was always out or working which is so unusual for me. thats why i slept for 2 days when i came back
    who-sane i was trying to be nice to the ladies there, ma tifda7na

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 3/6/07 23:59  

  • lol @ number 4.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 4/6/07 00:07  

  • Hey,, Welcome Back =D Thank you for replying to the tag,
    well as for the blog thing, !@#$ i donno, i just turned it private, its good in a manner that you can write stuff without thinking about privacy issues or public publishing and stuff, and its like i talk to myself more. so i guess its better this way

    By Blogger Tala, At 5/6/07 01:08  

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