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Palajordanian view (spoken with a P B accent) Part TRES or not

When I started this I had "hastily" came up with three scenarios as i saw fitting of the situation in Jordan. Now that I started to thoroughly think things through , and;
  • I just couldn't see anything that will be drastically different in the third scenario than the second
  • I simply didn't have a forethought to project on this one
So this is more of a conclusion than anything else .......

For conformity's sake:
The Third and Final Type: Currently things are not all that great, but if the opposition ever gets the chance to implement things their way, and the current system is disturbed the effects on the people will be devastating. This will reflect poorly on the people of this country. hence its better to maintain what we currently have rather than abolishing it completely and starting anew.

the mean idea that was going through my head then was a de-localization of practical power and introduction of a prestige power. which regardless of what i meant there I couldn't see it happening so i was stuck.

In conclusion the problem with society is more deeply rooted than one might anticipate when you actually start thinking in webs (moving from economical to social to practical to traditional).
Now we keep on blaming it on the colonialism that hit the region in the early 19th~20th century, which has effective sedated a warm blooded and emotional population.
You can blame it on Israel for being the embodiment of the boggy-man, and introducing and anxiety in the commons and practically demolishing a superiority complex that was the apparent trait of our culture (think ottoman and the claims they boasted) and turning it into a paralyzing inferiority complex.
blame it and what you want to blame.......

Fact of the matter is that here an now, we are apathetic, intellectual-void, consumer body that is gullible to jump on the next fad or buzz words without properly weighing out the effects of it.
Our chain of thought can barely project to tomorrow never mind to see further ahead into the future, and then we play the blame game of "I told you so" rather actually tackling the problem it self. in so many ways we operate to the stereo-typical manager model, we want all the benefits and we fantasize about them without doing any of the work required.

Maybe what we really need is an HR department for each country!

As a system it needs to operate on data, figures theories. Those are weighted and given priority and then they are implemented according to the circumstances. Much like a healthy company, most of us have worked in a Jordanian company (at least I hope) . How much whimsical misadventures are undertaken, and how much authoritarian regressive procedures are facing you every day when you believe that you know better.

In actuality accepting that no one reality is true, and all reality hold some truth to them. something akin to constructive alternativism in a political system.
We have developed a major deficit in intellectuals, and still suffer from since the second part of the ottoman era.
That was reflected by a crude understanding and imitation of ideas instead of careful adoption (e.g. architecture towards the end of the 19th century was visibly European) . Coupled with a zealous adhering to tradition helped shape what we are now (pretentious I would like to say but not quite fitting).

To speak of it blatantly I don't believe in the common wisdom i believe in the collective naiveté to see incentives and block reprocutions. We feel threatened by anything and everything that defies what has been breast fed to us century after century, and we zealously fight those among us that venture beyond the red lines that we envision in our mind. In no sense is this a new behaviour, it has been the dominant trait of our people and others through out recorded history.
The difference is there was a schism at a point in history.

I'll stop there since i think am falling into a "holier than thou" attitude and creating much of the intellectual void that am criticizing..... (i.e at first glance its sophisticated and intelligent, but any deeper and it falls apart)

Purely we lack data to make any intelligent decision or study, we don't have any information to validate our theories and myths.
There is nothing more effective to us than hearsay, and with out enough statistics of factors, preferences, polls, and consensus no path will last long.

As for the perennial Palestinian problem, its simple. The compassion felt by the commons is meaningless to the Palestinians still struggling there, those words fall on deaf ears there.
"we" write and talk and expect "them" to act, that is sad.
We in a way look at them in a view of disdain privately, but our social conformity doesn't allow us to display that except in rare occasions. Religion is becoming a sort of a cocoon and escapism from reality, which in this case turns into a pretty manipulative tool. IT IS PRETTY MUCH WHAT IS/BEEN HAPPENING.
We all celebrate the struggle, give out the "zakka", shout slogans to protect Jerusalem, protect Al-Aqsa. Most of that turned into an unconscious activity, rather than a passionate one.

No matter how sarcastic the following statement may sound, i can guarantee that if polled the population of Palestine will pick one or the other. "rabna yifta7 bab 2il janeh 2o yakhodod kol 2il falastinia, bi ma2ino ma hada radee fee7om"
Or to deport all the Palestinian to say new Zealand or Canada, somewhere there is alot of empty space, compensate them properly for the previous years and suffering and internationalize Jerusalem.

If you are outraged about the thought, then i urge to not talk and do something about it. I mean physically not monetary.

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  • My suggestion to solve jordan issues is to outsource the government to an entity that can manage the country as a company just like you stated..After some thoughts I can say those few words:
    Democracy is not a tool, it is a goal, it is a term bigger than any of us, it is a way of life, and until we get to the point where each and every jordanian make democracy his goal istead of his tool we will always be trapped in everything but democracy..
    It was great reading your blog and thoughtful anlaysis..and Good luck for you.

    By Blogger Mohanned Al-arabiat, At 3/4/07 20:44  

  • You are welcome :D
    For now am gonna try to stray away from the topic

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 4/4/07 11:19  

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