Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We volunteer ,,,,,,,,, aggregation

Hey thanks for all the people that replied to my suggestion a few days ago to for a volunteer group in Jordan .
Here is what we got so far;
people that showed interest were palforce, Tala, Kinzi, & MQabbani.

Plus 7aki
wasn't even phased by having the Atlantic between us and her and offered to help too

We agreed to form a face book group and a blog/website to help organize and provide info. we still need a name, the names suggested so far are:
  • "We volunteer"
  • "na7no natatawa3"
  • We Volunteer
  • Bright Jordan
  • Jordan Volunteers
  • bring it together!
  • Bricks of JO
  • Voluntary Group/Works
  • JO Volunteers
  • JO Helpers
  • in the middle of the Middle East
please help us pick a name if you read this.

We plan on meeting an hour before the next bloggers meeting, so all are welcome to join and brainstorm.

Projects suggested:
  • art projects, reading, English, math and computer classes for young children - by summer
  • painting schools in villages/painting artistic murals in East Amman*warhol style* (both will involve kids, grown ups, anyone really) - 7aki/Kinzi
  • Volunteer in health clinics in some rural villages (if we can get some volunteer doctors and donated medicine it would be great) - by 7aki
  • Visit "jar7ah alintifadah" that go and stay in Jordanian hospitals (donating calling cards, or just spending time with them) - by 7aki
  • Setup computer's in school, and provide training to workers there - by Kinzi
  • talent show bil balad for undeserved community kids - by Tala
  • planting trees, cleaning reservations & parks, animal care and adoption - by Tala
  • micro loans (that is if enough money could be raised)
Money raising events:
  • ala save life style bracelets
  • Bake sale (not exactly xmas i know !)
  • concert (that would be tough)
so as soon as we settle on the name, the group and blog will be created and hopefully things will become clearer over the course of next week.

Mental note : Check UNICEF & UNURWA for any helpful info, plus check some of the NGO's and their plans


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  • I like all the names (it would be great to have a 'blogger' distinction, too) and seeing some of the ideas gets my mind going.

    A friend of my husband's does micro-loans.

    A fund-raising idea is to have Arabic cooking classes for these sweet young things who don't know how to make Maqloubeh and Ma3moul. I bet Natasha's mom would teach help!

    By Blogger kinzi, At 17/4/07 20:31  

  • One thing to keep in mind is let each person volunteering lead off in their specialty.

    By Blogger kinzi, At 17/4/07 20:32  

  • hey ..

    i can give u a website www.something.com FREE , with word press installed and full work and we can had small forum too ..

    just choose a name

    By Blogger MQabbani, At 17/4/07 22:20  

  • www.jordanteers.com

    By Anonymous palforce, At 18/4/07 08:26  

  • ok name-
    Palforce suggested JORDANTEERS.COM
    (as a last ditch effort bloggers for jordan ? )
    I think its better to stay away from the bloggers tag (makes it exclusive in a way, and ppl on face book react with an "eeewww" to that word :P)

    i'll add the cooking classes to the post
    So lets go with Jordantier (since teer is tar in german :P so had to twist it) (both domains are available

    Thanks qabbani, what name do you prefer ? you have a say into this too ?

    Kinzi lets call it circumstantial leadership, whoever is deemed most capable for a specific project will be leading that one :)

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 18/4/07 13:20  

  • test since some comments aren't showing

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 18/4/07 19:43  

  • Jordantiers ? Not very indicative of volunteering no?

    But I can't really criticize since I don't have a better Idea :(.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 18/4/07 19:59  

  • well,,,, it should be just a name afterall,,

    i was looking at the names i suggested, they are boring, we volunteer is fine bas 3adi, i liked hands when i first saw it but i donno there is a lot like it, jordantiers is light and fine but how would you pronounce it when you first see it?,, i looked up volunteer in many languages, i found volantarios but it sounds fake to hear,,,
    anyways, i was reading on the milk bottle, الاردن وطنك حافظ عليه جميلا
    it is cool, i liked it,, it doesnt have to do with the name,, my sister says goodwillers.com, i said no, then she said suddenly mnee7een.com :P akeed l2
    what about 'naf3al.com'??

    jordantier is nice because it sounds like an adjective,, you know, i'll go for jordantiers :)

    By Blogger Tala, At 18/4/07 23:29  

  • think of putting it as jordantier.com not jordantiers.com, it sounds different but jordantiers is more fun.

    By Blogger Tala, At 18/4/07 23:32  

  • I LOVE naf3al, but it's hard to write in English , no.

    And I also like jordantiers because you are a group.

    But when you go to people and say "our name is Jordantiers" they won't get it, especially in poorer areas when English is not spoken at all, you have to think about the Arabic version.

    "Natatawa3" is great in Arabic.

    LOL we will keep discussing the name for like ages before we do anything.

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 19/4/07 22:20  

  • LOL 7aki

    By Blogger Tala, At 20/4/07 00:52  

  • No_Angel?

    By Blogger Tala, At 24/4/07 18:03  

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