Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another earth & moon couple have been BORN !

Oh well, last week I was at one of my friend's wedding.

It's funny how when guys get married in Jordan their life starts revolving around their women.
I understand that's the natural thing here and almost everywhere but come-on, after being free as a asteroid you get tied down to orbit around her needs and whims. In my dictionary that's called being whipped.

Why after being so close to someone for so long they are suddenly not a good company, is it jealousy over your women ? I just love how wives every where despise their man's friends.
The funny thing is those exact friends you mistrust, are probably one of the factors that you are married to this man. whenever shit hit the fan while you two were getting to know each who do u think anchored him and stopped him from running away ?

Oh well probably am slightly biased, and a bit angry at the fact that we ("as his friends") were not allowed to properly say goodbye to his bachelor days!
I still don't get it, does it involve the fact that most of the bachelor community are immature worms (or atleast "they" view them that way)?

Why being a friend to a married couple is like a "Cobels only" restaurant !
I don't get it at all, oh well whenever I'll get married i believe am going to do the same just to exact revenge on all the friends I lost to this process. its unfair to segregate people based on their Marital status.

Best of luck to both of them!
ps. to those ones that are saying am impatient and should give him the benefit of the doubt, this friend (Actually one of the few that would qualify to the best friend status) cut ties with all of his friends since he started seriously dating ........ SO YEAH !
pps. the image is from tempest_wind

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  • 30a2balak!! :)
    i guess the only way for you to be able to hang out again with your married friends IS to get married and join the "coubels only" club!
    you are absolutely right when you said: "its unfair to segregate people based on their Marital status." i am not sure why newly wed couples do not welcome their single friends to their circle- too many social issues rule this practice i believe- but this is how it has been done in our society. Maybe you can break the rule?

    By Blogger Summer, At 10/4/07 20:29  

  • HAHAHA, thats true!!But a man who does that is not a real man in my eyes(Yes, I am married but I never forgot my friends and there is always "shabab time" for me where we go play some trix and tarneeb and smoke some argeeleh and chek out girls:D ).

    By Blogger Mohanned Al-arabiat, At 10/4/07 21:00  

  • thanks summer, tho a bit too early now .... am still a baby:)
    ya i know thats the only way ! the funny thing is as i said i doubt i'll break that rule, so i guess am all talk regarding this hehe
    mohanned its not really a real man or not issue its the fact that a wife has the right to dictate ur friends just like ur mother did when u were 12 ! am surprised that ur already married, oh well atleast u still enjoy the company of ur friends which is nice i think

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 10/4/07 22:19  

  • But a man who accepts to be treated by his wife like this is not a real "man", I have seen some examples with my friends; one of them can't even call me before he asks for the permission of his "wife", I don't like that bro, This guy is no longer the friend I used to know, I think it all goes back to the way you was raised when you were a kid and how your parents treated each other..It is wiered how friends change after they get married(because they are weak)

    By Blogger Mohanned Al-arabiat, At 11/4/07 01:12  

  • no_angel, oh my god! you made me really angry with this post! I am so much upset with a good friend that we have been close for around 10 years and suddenly disappeared when he started dating then got engaged and married!

    I can't believe how can anyone just forget about his old friends that he shared a lot of time with just because he got married!

    Sure I do understand his obligation to him wife and new home, but a phone call every 2-3 days or a hangout once a week wont harm him marriage!

    Now I wonder if he ever really cared about our friendship!

    By Blogger The Observer, At 11/4/07 09:26  

  • This is how we do it in the 7aki Fadi household.

    I get Wednesdays to go out with my friends

    Husband gets Thursday to go out with his friends.

    We both have more single friends than married freinds because ya akhi some maried people bore me to death.

    It's more fun aslan, kind off keeps you sane and keep you connected to the real you because when people hang out with friends it makes them happy

    Then on the weekend we go out together as a family or on a date .

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 11/4/07 22:01  

  • observer i def. feel ya on that and sorry for making u angry
    7aki its nice that u atleast have an understanding there, it does !
    it does keep u sane in a way, funny that most of ur friends are single. must be the canuck factor there

    :) ENJOY

    By Blogger No_Angel, At 12/4/07 01:35  

  • 7aki fadi, ya ret kol el nas zayyek! Seriously, i don't know why people don't act this way. It is more healthy.

    I cant help but to feel bitter for my lost friends.

    By Blogger The Observer, At 12/4/07 15:46  

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