Monday, April 30, 2007

Images Galore --- sites, thoughts and some sounds :P

Well not in the writting mood lately (more like am scared to post what I wrote since it will piss people off) SO ENJOY

Life In China - Boy we can't complain :
courtesy of EastSouthWestNorth

Rush Hour But where is the A/C ??

I see ... people .... lots of people (incase you are wondering this is an "instant lottery ticket purchase line")

Plowing the fields, when there is a shortage of life stock why not use life ?!

Coal Minor

An Airy Haircut

A Quick Fix

It's a plane, its a newspaper...... NOT ! just your average perfectly packed abandoned baby -_-'

Hercules Personal carriage service

A Bird (??) eye-view of a planet:

Whippin-Cream 10 mile HIGH ! (click for a full wizz .... of course courtesy of NASA)

Step 1. Spell it. Step 2. Do IT. (Photo by David B. Page Click for the whole collection)

Power of the Mind

For the light hearted:

.... And the award of the worst actor in a leading role goes to ....

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  • Loved all the pictures.

    In regards to holding back so not "to piss people off" I say go for it, I read all these blogs and I get pissed of because people are stupid, I am sure what you write will piss people off for other maybe interesting reasons :).

    Yallah now I am sooooooooo intrigued to read it, I am very nosy :) yallaaaaaaahhhhhhh ya ya ya

    By Blogger 7aki Fadi, At 30/4/07 18:31  

  • Nice PIX!!

    By Blogger Mohanned Al-arabiat, At 1/5/07 01:10  

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